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CBD for Medical Conditions

18th December 2023

How CBD can help with sobriety this Dry January 

Could CBD be your secret weapon for staying alcohol-free in 2024? Dry January is an increasingly  popular trend where, after a long festive season, more and more individuals abstain from alcohol for the first 31 days of the New Year. Some use this time to restore the balance in their relationship with alcohol, some adopt […]

1st December 2023

Give Wellness this Christmas

Elevate your Christmas gifting with Prym Health’s CBD wellness products. Explore soothing topicals and energy-boosting edibles for a thoughtful present. Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on orders over £75. Give the gift of wellness this season.

21st November 2023

Choose CBD for Winter Wellness

For many of us the run up to Christmas can be one of the most magical, heart-warming and memorable times of the year. But for others, deep into the Winter season, it can become one of the most challenging periods of the year due to colder weather, darker nights and the seasonal sniffles.  This year, […]

1st November 2023

Start your journey to better health

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we all have to take extra care to look after our health this Autumn.  To help, this month, Prym Health is offering new users the opportunity to try out its range of CBD products with a 15% discount code. If you’re considering giving CBD oil a […]

28th September 2023

Can you take CBD oil with HRT patches?

If you’re a menopausal woman in the UK, you may be considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) patches to manage your symptoms. You might also be exploring natural remedies like CBD because you’ve heard about the potential benefits, and you’re wondering, “Can you take CBD oil with HRT patches?”. It’s a crucial question, especially if you’re […]

29th August 2023

CBD Suppositories for Pelvic Pain: Can They Help?

Living with pelvic pain can feel like a never-ending battle. Every step and every movement can be a reminder of the discomfort. But what if there was a natural remedy that could offer relief?

23rd August 2023

CBD Suppositories for Haemorrhoids: Do They Help?

Discover the pain-relieving properties of CBD suppositories for haemorrhoids. Say goodbye to discomfort with this natural solution.

21st July 2023

CBD Oil for Tendonitis: Does It Really Work?

Does taking CBD oil for tendonitis really help? Let’s look at the research and find out if you can use CBD to relief tendonitis pain!

9th June 2023

What’s The Best CBD for Migraines?

Could taking CBD provide the pain relief migraine sufferers so desperately need? Let’s find out!

22nd May 2023

The Best CBD Oil for Menopause Relief

While research on the effectiveness of CBD oil for menopause is still limited, we recently wrote a blog post about CBD for menopause with product recommendations and the overwhelming response was that you want more!

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