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CBD for Mental Health

18th December 2023

How CBD can help with sobriety this Dry January 

Could CBD be your secret weapon for staying alcohol-free in 2024? Dry January is an increasingly  popular trend where, after a long festive season, more and more individuals abstain from alcohol for the first 31 days of the New Year. Some use this time to restore the balance in their relationship with alcohol, some adopt […]

1st December 2023

Give Wellness this Christmas

Elevate your Christmas gifting with Prym Health’s CBD wellness products. Explore soothing topicals and energy-boosting edibles for a thoughtful present. Enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on orders over £75. Give the gift of wellness this season.

27th February 2023

The Pros and Cons of CBD Oil for Anxiety

Taking CBD products for anxiety is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. But how does CBD oil work? And what are the pros and cons of CBD oil for anxiety?

17th February 2023

Taking CBD for Flight Anxiety

Anxiety is very common when flying. Some people become anxious due to the fear of feeling confined thousands of altitudes above the ground. For others, it’s the thought of boarding the plane on time or not missing the connecting flights. 

16th December 2022

The Best CBD Products for Productivity in 2023

CBD has gained popularity in recent years for its potential health benefits. From reducing anxiety to promoting a better night’s sleep, we’re still in the early stages of discovering all the benefits of CBD but one that has been on the rise is taking CBD products for productivity.

10th October 2022

Can you take CBD for ADHD?

A study conducted in 2020 suggests that cannabis may have a positive effect on fibromyalgia, but we need more research to be carried out.

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