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Prym Blog

11th August 2022

CBD Suppositories – what are they and why you should try them

CBD suppositories are created to be used in either, although we do recommend reading the instructions before using a new product

5th August 2022

The Essential Guide To Ashwagandha, The Adaptogen Powerhouse

Our Ashwagandha gummy supplement is suitable for vegan and vegetarians alike using only the highest quality raw ingredients available.

23rd February 2022

CBD for Menopause – Three Reasons Why We Love It

One of the issues women face which hasn’t been given enough coverage until recent years has to be menopause.

14th January 2022

New Year, New You? How To Start 2022 Right With CBD

2022 is here, and while things are different due to COVID-19, the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions remains the same. 

26th March 2021

Coping with Post Lockdown Stress & Anxiety

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve heard story after story of the increasing mental health ‘pandemic’ the UK is facing with all generations both male and female affected.

5th February 2021

How does CBD oil work?

The consumption of CBD oil is growing in popularity across the UK every day and while that consumption continues to grow, it may be daunting to those that have never experienced using CBD before. 

21st January 2020

Introducing Prym Health

2020 has seen the world turn upside down with COVID-19 and made us realise that our physical and mental wellbeing should be a priority. When researching the market, we found that not all supplements are created equal.