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 Sustainability and 
 Quality Control 

Sustainability and Quality Control

We are the UK's leading CBD online shop for sustainable CBD products. We only use premium grade, ethically grown hemp plants and donate a percentage of every order to UK charities.


Environment & Workers

From the perspective of its impact on the environment and from the perspective of its workers.


Dietary Requirements

For the dietary requirements we aim to achieve, such as our products being vegan and organic, free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.


Cost Effective

Whilst being cost effective allowing us to produce products at the best possible prices for our customers.

This is regularly reviewed and followed from the planting the hemp plant, harvesting the hemp plant straight through to extracting the CBD.

CBD Dropper

Extracting the CBD

Following harvesting at our partner farm in the USA, the extracts are products using state of the art supercritical CO2 and ethanol extraction technology. This process extracts the cannabinoids along with the terpenes and flavonoids, which results in a highly concentrated resin. This resin is then dissolved in an oil carrier, ensuring that all government regulations are met. Our whole supply chain is fully traceable and adheres to EU GMP and EU GDP practices.

Quality Control

Once the raw material is received by our farms and we work with our manufacturer to create our final products, our priority is to ensure the customer receives exactly what is being advertised.

This is why it is our priority to ensure we have a complete analysis of our products which you can view on our website on the Certificates of Analysis page. Performed by a cutting-edge thirdparty laboratory, you can find an exact percentage count of each of the different cannabinoids and terpenes present in each of our products.

This allows us to ensure the Prym Health CBD range remains vegan, gluten free and free from pesticides and adulterants, giving our customers assurance that they receive the highest quality CBD products in the UK.

Our Earth

As Prym Health focuses on using natural ingredients, in our health and wellbeing supplements, provided from our Earth, it's only right that we ensure we give back. Here's what we're doing:

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