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Friday March 26 2021

Coping with Post Lockdown Stress & Anxiety

This past year has been extremely tough for everybody across the globe, whether you are a key worker on the front line of the pandemic, fighting the battles of owning your own business, or simply trying to get through the pandemic and look forward to brighter days ahead.

We’ve all had to stick together and fight for one another during the pandemic, and with light growing ever brighter at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to turn to how we can all return to normal, but is that as easy as it sounds? 

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve heard story after story of the increasing mental health pandemic the UK is facing with all generations both male and female affected. How can we confidently return to work? How can we face the world head-on? And how can we get back to doing what we Brits love most, socialising, confidently?

Sadly, 1 in 4 people in England will experience some kind of mental health problem each year, with 1 in 6 of those experiencing common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression each week in England, and this looks set to rise given the current situation we’re in. So what can we do to cope with stress and anxiety, post lockdown?

CBD Oil for Anxiety: Does It Work?

CBD or Cannabidiol is an all-natural compound found solely in cannabis plants and promising research suggests that the use of CBD oil can help to relieve anxiety and stress. For generalised anxiety disorder, CBD has been shown to reduce stress in animals say the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). CBD oil may also benefit those with other forms of stress and anxiety such as social anxiety disorder with a study in 2011 showing that participants given a dose of CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety levels. 

It’s believed that more research is needed to further cement the early studies of CBD oil and stress and anxiety disorder, however, early research has provided positive results. 

Let us know if CBD Oil works for your stress and anxiety in the comments below…

Coping with Post Lockdown Stress & Anxiety

Exercise: Can it help your anxiety?

With lockdown easing and gyms slowly reopening, millions across the UK will be eager to get themselves back in shape and with good reason. Studies have shown that regular exercise may help was depression and anxiety. 

Regular exercise releases feel-good chemical endorphins, natural cannabis-like brain chemicals endogenous cannabinoids and other natural brain chemicals that can enhance mood and sense of wellbeing. 

Let us know if regular exercise works for your stress and anxiety in the comments below…

Vitamins and Anxiety: Can they help?

Vitamins are a vital part of keeping our bodies healthy and functioning well. Low levels of certain vitamins such as B Vitamins and folate may be linked to mental health issues and having a good balance of vitamins in your diet is essential to help you maintain that feel-good factor. 

Having good levels of B vitamins is particularly vital to the central nervous system and as such, they play a large part in various aspects of your health including mental wellbeing, attention, energy, and cognition. They can also have a large impact on our anxiety and stress levels. 

Vitamin B can be found in a range of health supplements and foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, liver and kidney, meat such as chicken and red meat, fish such as tuna, mackerel, and salmon, vegetables, such as spinach and kale, avocados, and potatoes, nuts and seeds and fruits, such as citrus, banana, and watermelon. 

Let us know what works for your stress and anxiety in the comments below…

Meditation: Can it help with stress and anxiety?

With hour upon hour of endless free time that we all seem to have at the moment there has never been a better time to start your mindfulness journey. Meditation allows you to safely explore and learn how to better deal with your emotions within a controlled and safe environment, your home.

Meditation allows you to connect better with your emotions and understand your anxiety and how you can deal with it, naturally. Anxiety is a cognitive state connected with an inability to regulate our emotions, yet studies have found that with a consistent meditation program, we can change the way neural pathways in the brain work – therefore allowing us to better deal with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. 

Let us know if meditation works for your stress and anxiety in the comments below…

There are thousands of studies to suggest that other remedies could help with your stress and anxiety such as regulating alcohol consumption, ditching caffeine, aromatherapy, and more but finding the right stress and anxiety relief for yourself can be tough, especially if this is the first time you are experiencing such feelings and with the world slowly recovering, returning to normal day-to-day life, post lockdown, isn’t as easy as it seems.


Please seek help if you’re having any extreme mental health symptoms. We’re waiting for your call. Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call now for free on 116 123.

Please note, no stress and anxiety remedies are actively promoted by Prym Health. Please seek help from a Medical Professional for any further information or concerns.

Thank you & stay safe,
The Prym Health Team

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