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Friday January 14 2022

New Year, New You? How To Start 2022 Right With CBD

2022 is here, and while things are different due to COVID-19, the tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions remains the same. Whether your goal for 2022 is spending more time with loved ones, replacing fast food for healthier options or getting more active, incorporating CBD into your lifestyle has never been easier.

New Year, New You? How To Start 2022 Right With CBD

What is CBD?

CBD is currently the fastest growing wellness product. It stands for cannabidiol – which is one of the most beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant. When extracted correctly, CBD provides a multitude of health benefits without the side effects associated with recreational marijuana use.

Types of CBD and delivery methods 

If you’re new to CBD, it’s important to know that it comes in three forms:

  1. CBD isolate – the purest form of CBD and what we use in our products
  2. Full-spectrum – contains all the naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant
  3. Broad spectrum – similar to full-spectrum but with all traces of THC removed

To make it easier to incorporate CBD into your daily routine we’ve created a wide range of products, which include oils, edibles, topicals and vapes. Choosing the best type of product will vary from person to person and each product has their own benefits. For a more detailed look into each type of product, you can view our dedicated CBD guide here.

Choosing the right brand

 If you search online for CBD you’ll come across plenty of brands on the market, however not all are created equally. Here at Prym Health we have spent time carefully curating bespoke formulas for all our products using high quality, natural and vegan-friendly ingredients that are free of impurities. With our extensive range, discover your love for CBD with Prym Health in 2022!

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