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Here at Prym Health, we focus on using Earth’s natural ingredients in all our health supplements. Because of this, our ethos is built around giving back to the very planet that provides us with so much goodness. Read on to find out what we’re doing…

Responsible Sourcing

We take the production of our health supplements seriously at Prym Health. By travelling the globe ourselves in search of organic, ethically sourced ingredients with optimum nutritional value, we can ensure our supply partners live up to the Prym standard. This allows local communities to thrive, our environment to be looked after, and our health supplements to exceed your expectations.

Giving Back

To make a positive impact on our environment for current and future generations, a percentage of every order is donated to organisations who help make a difference. We’re currently partnering with Trees for Cities, a UK based charity improving lives on a national and international scale through the power of planting trees. Not only are they paving the way for a green revolution in coastal towns and urban cities as part of their Forgotten Places initiative, they’re also empowering local communities to get involved with growing, foraging and eating healthy food.

Product Packaging

CBD: the outer packaging on all our individual CBD products is fully recyclable. You can recycle the bottle too, but please note the plastic top on our CBD oil drops is made of plastic and currently not suitable for recycling. However, we are always striving to do better and are currently working with our suppliers to create a fully recyclable finished product.

Chewable Vitamins – since the launch of our chewable vitamin range, we have used plastic PET bottles. However, as part of our ongoing commitment to our Earth and our customers, we have worked with specialist suppliers to produce fully compostable pouches. Our new pouches can now be fully composted at home as they’re made from:

  • Paper from sustainably managed FSC and PEFC
    forests from the Nordic countries.
  • For every tree felled, at least one or more trees are planted.
  • Wood pulp sustainably grown from PEFC-managed forests.
  • Corn starch, a non-GMO biopolymer


for all our orders, we aim to minimise the amount of packaging required to get your product to you safe and sound. Where possible, we utilise recycled boxes that are sized perfectly for your product to avoid using inner packaging to fill those void spaces. If we do need to use inner packaging, we’ll always try to use fully recyclable materials.

How you can give back

We can all make a difference by:

Home Composting

All layers used to create our chewable vitamin pouches are home compostable in as little as 26 weeks, so they can be thrown straight into your compost caddy along with your veggie peelings. To speed up the process we would recommend cutting them up into smaller pieces.


All Prym Health  products are packaged in carefully selected kraft material so if you’re not able to reuse this, we recommend placing them in your recycle box so that they can be collected and then repurposed by professional recycling experts.