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Taking CBD Gummies for Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal occurs when someone who drinks heavily suddenly stops or significantly reduces their alcohol consumption. Many people go through this alone and experience unpleasant side effects, which makes it easy to relapse.

While it can be challenging to speak to your doctor about treatment options, other treatment options can be discreet and “off the record”, like CBD gummies.

But can taking CBD gummies really help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms? Let’s find out.

Common Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal can lead to physical and psychological symptoms as the body adjusts to functioning without alcohol. Some common symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety and restlessness: Feelings of nervousness, irritability, and restlessness are common during alcohol withdrawal.
  • Sweating and trembling: Excessive sweating, hand tremors, and a rapid heartbeat are often experienced during alcohol withdrawal. 
  • Nausea and vomiting: Many individuals going through alcohol withdrawal may experience nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.
  • Insomnia and sleep disturbances: Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing fragmented sleep patterns are common during alcohol withdrawal. This can lead to fatigue and exacerbate other withdrawal symptoms.
  • Depression and mood swings: Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and mood swings are frequently reported during alcohol withdrawal. 
  • Difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly: Alcohol withdrawal may impair cognitive function, causing problems with concentration, memory, and decision-making.
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure: During the initial stages of alcohol withdrawal, individuals may experience a spike in heart rate and blood pressure. 

The severity and duration of alcohol withdrawal symptoms can vary from person to person. In some extreme cases, symptoms can be life-threatening, so you should seek professional help if you’re concerned about any symptoms you or others may experience.

Treatment options for alcohol dependency depend on the extent of a person’s drinking and if they are trying to quit cold turkey or reduce the amount of alcohol they are drinking. In mild cases, people are advised to manage their alcohol withdrawal at home, whereas in more extreme cases, prescribed medication, therapy or in-patient treatment may be needed.

For those considered “mild cases”, it can feel like you’re left out in the cold to manage your alcohol withdrawal symptoms alone. Fortunately, over-the-counter and science-backed natural treatment options, such as CBD gummies, can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms discreetly.

Before we dive into the science, let’s cover the basics.

What are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are tasty and convenient edibles infused with cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp plant. This is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning it won’t make you feel high like THC, the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Instead, CBD provides many health and wellness benefits.

CBD gummies are often made with CBD isolate and come in various flavours, making them a discreet and enjoyable way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine.

Taking CBD Gummies for Alcohol Withdrawal

CBD gummies have gained popularity as a natural remedy for various health conditions. Its therapeutic properties can help with physical discomforts, such as inflammation and joint pain, as well as psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, insomnia, nausea, irritability and cravings.

In a study on cannabidiol as an intervention for addiction behaviours, researchers found that these therapeutic benefits can also help treat addiction. In another study about relapses of drug use when taking CBD, researchers found that taking CBD  significantly reduced stress, anxiety and stress-induced alcohol-seeking behaviour in participants of the trial.

Let’s take a look at some of the specific health benefits of taking CBD and how they can help alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Reduced Anxiety

Taking CBD for anxiety is a popular natural alternative to prescription medications. CBD is known for its calming properties, which can help alleviate the anxiety and restlessness commonly experienced during alcohol withdrawal. CBD can help regulate emotions and promote relaxation by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Promoting Better Sleep

Sleep disturbances are common during alcohol withdrawal, making other withdrawal symptoms harder to manage. CBD gummies can help improve sleep quality by inducing a state of relaxation, reducing nightmares, and supporting a more restful slumber.

Relieving Nausea

Nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort are typical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. CBD gummies may help reduce nausea by activating serotonin receptors in the brain, which can regulate vomiting and your overall digestive health.

Reducing Cravings

Cravings for alcohol can be intense during withdrawal and can lead to relapse. CBD gummies may help curb these cravings by modulating the brain’s reward system and reducing the reinforcement of addictive behaviours.

Alleviating Irritability

Irritability, mood swings, and heightened emotions are often present during alcohol withdrawal. CBD gummies have a calming effect that can help balance mood and reduce irritability.

As mentioned previously, while CBD gummies may offer support during alcohol withdrawal, they are best suited for mild cases of alcohol addiction where your doctor has advised you can manage your symptoms at home. If you are in any doubt about taking CBD gummies for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, we recommend you speak to your GP before taking them to ensure you have the best treatment plan possible.

How to Take CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are one of the easiest ways to take CBD. All you need to do is pop a gummy in your mouth, chew and swallow. You should start to feel the benefits 20 minutes or so after taking CBD gummies, but this varies depending on your metabolism, strength, and desired benefits.

Recommended CBD Dosage

There is no recommended CBD dosage for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, as your symptoms will be unique to you and the extent of your alcohol addiction. We recommend starting with the lowest dose of CBD available, such as half or just one of our CBD gummies. You can then increase your dose as needed. 

Make sure to follow all product guidelines to ensure you do not take too much CBD in one day.

CBD Gummies vs CBD Oil for Alcohol Withdrawal

There are no differences in side effects or benefits between CBD gummies and CBD oil.

CBD gummies offer a convenient and discreet way to take CBD throughout the day. However, they tend to be more limited in strength options. It’s also difficult to tailor your dose as you can’t be sure exactly how much CBD you’ve had unless you take 1 whole gummy at a time.

With CBD oil, you can tailor your CBD dosage to your specific needs, as it’s easy to calculate the strength of CBD oil per drop. If you find it difficult to achieve your desired results with CBD gummies, or you want more control over your dose, then CBD oil may be a more suitable option for you.

Final Thoughts on Taking CBD Gummies for Alcohol Withdrawal

Early research into CBD and addiction management is incredibly promising, with new studies coming out every year. With gummies providing a discreet and convenient way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, CBD gummies are proving very popular as a natural solution for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. However, this depends greatly on the symptoms you experience from reducing or cutting out alcohol, as well as your experience taking CBD.

No matter what addiction treatment you use, the most important thing here is that you are proactively trying to combat your alcohol addiction. It’s important not to beat yourself up over minor slip-ups, particularly in the early days if you are trying to find the best solution to control your cravings from alcohol withdrawal. 

At Prym Health, we’re passionate about the health and wellness benefits of CBD and we’re keen to help. If you’re still unsure of the best CBD products for your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we’ll help guide you in the right direction.

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