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Taking CBD for Flight Anxiety

Anxiety is very common when flying. Some people become anxious due to the fear of feeling confined thousands of altitudes above the ground. For others, it’s the thought of boarding the plane on time or not missing the connecting flights. 

People with extreme stress and anxiety are often prescribed anxiety medications, while others use alcohol to calm their nerves. But, in the long run, these solutions are unsafe for the body. This is why anxious travellers are keen to explore other options, like taking CBD for flight anxiety.

The legalisation of CBD in the UK in 2018 has become a game changer for most people dealing with flight anxiety. Although cannabidiol is sold as a food supplement in the UK, we cannot help but acknowledge its health benefits. 

Does CBD really work for anxiety?

Unlike THC, which is known to cause anxiety and other intoxicating effects, cannabidiol can actually relieve stress and anxiety. A study published by National Centre for Biotechnology Information indicates that patients suffering from anxiety who were under CBD medication had a 78.1% success rate in anxiety improvements. 

CBD is known to have a calming effect when ingested. It also boosts mood and demeanour. With all the evidence that cannabidiol can help calm nerves, many people have used it to deal with stress and anxiety.  

But how does CBD help to relieve stress and anxiety? Well, humans have an endocannabinoid system that already contains cannabinoids. CBD activates these cannabinoids by triggering receptors in your brain and body. 

In effect, the body balances all body functions and processes, thus triggering stress-relieving functions in your body and brain.  

Can CBD help with pre-flight stress?

The anticipation of flying, or thinking about flying, is often as troubling as being on the flight itself. 

At the pre-flight stage, your brain receives an impulse, which triggers unrest—causing stress that might last for the whole time you’ll be aboard.

Taking CBD-infused products before your flight will calm your nerves and release the tension from your mind and body, giving you a stress-free experience.

When should you take CBD before a flight?

If you are prone to pre-flight stress, we recommend taking CBD products about 3 days before the flight to help your body process the reaction toward stress in advance.

It’s also important to take CBD products on the day of the flight. Taking your choice of CBD product an hour before your flight is the perfect way to calm your nerves before the tedious process of checking in. 

If you forget to take your CBD before, it’s also perfectly okay to take it at the airport or on the plane. You won’t get into trouble if you carry any CBD product on your carry-on or checked luggage since it’s categorised as a food supplement in the UK. 

If you still feel anxious after the flight, start taking CBD three days after the travel. Continue taking your preferred CBD-infused product for another three days, then discontinue usage. In case you’re wondering…CBD is not addictive, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll become dependent. 

Can you take CBD on a flight?

You can take CBD on a flight to and from the UK. According to the UK government laws regarding consumption and regulation of CBD supply, the product is classified as a food supplement. 

However, any CBD product sold in the country should contain not more than 1 milligram of THC. At Prym Health, we surpass these requirements by ensuring that our CBD products have 0% THC. 

You can confidently carry Prym Health products and even take them on a flight because they meet all the requirements stipulated by the authorities. 

However, when flying outside of the UK, you need to check the legality of CBD in the specific country because, in some countries, CBD products remain outlawed. 

Can you travel with CBD Oil in hand luggage?

When flying within the UK or to the UK, you can carry CBD oil in your hand luggage. If you’re flying internationally, you need to consider the laws regarding CBD in specific countries. Also, check the laws surrounding the use of CBD in countries where you may have stopovers. 

Generally, you can carry your CBD oil to any European country if the THC concentration is no more than 0.2%. In some countries like the US and Canada, the accepted concentration is at most 0.3%. However, some states in the US still consider CBD illegal. 

CBD oil being a liquid is treated like all other liquids you can carry in your hand luggage. First, it should be in a container holding at most 100 millilitres and displayed in a plastic bag. If you need more than this for medical use, carry a letter from your GP. 

In the UK, the law stipulates that if you’re travelling with CBD oil or any other CBD product, it should be clearly labelled. Never try to disguise your CBD products when traveling because you don’t want to come out as suspicious, which could get you into trouble with customs. 

If you want to be safe when travelling with CBD, ensure to buy products from a reputable CBD company in the UK. Otherwise, you may get into trouble if your CBD oil doesn’t follow the regulations, especially regarding the THC content and origin (hemp). 

Where is CBD illegal?

Since travel can be local or international, it’s crucial to note that while CBD is legal to use and travel with it in the UK, it might not be the case in other countries.

To help you understand, here is a list of some countries and the legality of using CBD products.

Country Legal Status of CBD
AustriaLegal (but can’t be sold as a food supplement)
United StatesFederal laws accept CBD derived from hemp. But, state laws differ, making it illegal in some states. 

If you aren’t sure of the laws in your destination country, it’s perfectly okay to call the airlines for clarification. 

CBD Products for Travelers

If you travel more frequently, it’s more likely that you’ll want to buy more than one CBD product that promises to alleviate flight anxiety and stress. 

If you’re a beginner trying to figure out what CBD products will work for you, we recommend CBD gummies. These edibles are packed with many benefits, are easy to use, and convenient to carry around.

Here are our top picks of CBD products to help get you started. 

The best CBD gummies for fear of flying

CBD Multivitamin Gummies have been identified as the most effective CBD gummies for reducing the fear of flying without having to use oil drops or take tablets.

These 30 zesty orange and sweet strawberry CBD multivitamin gummies are infused with premium CBD to offer the following benefits: 

  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Managing chronic pain and inflammation
  • Lowered cravings for addictive substances

However, since this product is vitamin-infused, you need to be careful when consuming it alongside your diet to avoid taking too many vitamins into your system.

The best CBD oil for flight anxiety

Prym Health’s CBD Drops 1200mg and CBD Oil Drops – 600mg pass the test as our best CBD oil for flight anxiety. 

They’re all made with MCT oil and infused with premium CBD and natural terpene blends to give you the best results. Additionally, they are made in the UK and are THC-free and vegan-friendly.

To administer the oil, fill a pipette to the required dosage and then squeeze it below your tongue, wait for about two minutes, and then swallow.

Wrap-up: Taking CBD for flight anxiety

You can now forget the jitters in your stomach whenever you think of a flight. CBD products have become quite popular among travellers due to their calming effects, and you can experience these benefits too. 

Are you ready to take an anxiety-free flight? Order CBD for flight anxiety from Prym Health today. 

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