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Choose CBD for Winter Wellness

For many of us the run up to Christmas can be one of the most magical, heart-warming and memorable times of the year.

But for others, deep into the Winter season, it can become one of the most challenging periods of the year due to colder weather, darker nights and the seasonal sniffles. 

This year, take control of your wellness and try our range of CBD products, which can provide a load of benefits this winter for both your mood and your health. 

Prym Health’s CBD-based products can be a great addition to your wellness routine this winter, helping you work through any negative feelings or low moments and providing a real boost of positive emotions. 

Learn how to use CBD this winter to help you make the most of the time with family and friends, despite the weather. 

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CBD for winter pains

It’s no secret that winter- and the associated cold weather- can trigger any existing stiffness and joint pain, which is no fun if you want to get out and enjoy a brisk walk or even some winter sports. 

However, a cooling CBD gel can help relieve tension, stiffness and discomfort, while also leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

It can be used to provide targeted pain relief over specific areas of the body, such as your knee or shoulder joints to provide a topical, cooling effect on your skin and alleviate pain in your muscles and joints.

It is fast acting, with the full benefits being felt in as little as 10-15 minutes!

CBD to boost your immunity 

How many times did you finally ‘stop’ for Christmas, only to get a cold the very next day!

There is nothing worse than trying to switch off and feeling run down and low. 

Fortunately, CBD is also well-known for its antibacterial and immune system boosting properties. Taking it in edible or soluble form daily can help prevent any number of coughs and colds.

Its ability to positively boost your immune response to seasonal viruses is impressive, so take the opportunity to have yourself a lovely Christmas flu free.

CBD to brighten your mood

Let’s be honest, despite the cheer and sparkle we all hope to feel at Christmas, the dark nights, cost of presents and even the thought of hosting our families can leave us feeling a little anxious.

While research is still ongoing, CBD oil for anxiety is becoming quite popular, and user feedback has shown great results.

Popping some CBD oil under your tongue, allows your body to absorb it into the bloodstream, meaning you should start to feel the benefits within about 15 minutes.

Add Multivitamins to your Winter Wellness Routine 

Taking multivitamins can help support a healthy lifestyle by supplementing your diet with essential vitamins and minerals. 

While they are not a replacement for fresh fruit, vegetables and other sources of nutrients as part of a balanced diet, our CBD multivitamin gummies are infused with vitamins A, C, D, and B6. They also contain essential minerals such as Iodine, Zinc, Folic Acid, and Niacine, which are all essential to support our core bodily functions.

Plus they contain 5mg of CBD, which means you’ll also receive all the additional wellness benefits from taking CBD alongside your multivitamin range.

CBD for work rest and play

Once all of the excitement has died down, Christmas can be a time to have a very well earned break.  Taking a digital detox, resting, recuperating are all essential at this time of year- especially if you want to start the New Year with a bang!

Our Apple flavoured ashwaghanda gummies help you to rest and restore your mind and body.

CBD to help you go that extra mile

We all try to put in a little extra effort at Christmas. It may be the end of the year but that doesn’t stop us pulling out all of the stops to make it a very special time for those we love. 

But when you are running on empty, it can be hard to make it over the line!

Containing a range of essential vitamins and minerals including Biotin,Vitamin A,Vitamin B6,Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, Our mango flavoured energy gummies can help keep your energy levels up and help you go the extra mile.

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